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Medal of Honor: Warfighter Walkthrough Part 31 - Chapter 13: Preacher

Check out part 31 and become the ultimate global warfighter in this walkthrough of EA's latest war title, Medal of Honor, Warfighter.


Male 1: Voodoo, they got the numbers on us. We march straight in there, it's gonna be messy.

Voodoo: Hey, what about the bot?

Male: Mako Five, bring up the bot.

Voodoo: Preacher, you're driving the bot.

Male 2: Mag change! Cover me!

Voodoo: Take out as many as you can. Then we'll move up. Move across the bridge.

Male 3: Target left.

Male 4: Take him down.

Male 5: I'm out! Cover me!

Male 6: Enemy down.

Voodoo: Go through the hut. Shoot your way through the door.

Male 7: Cover me! Mag change!

Male 8: Good job.

Male 9: Take him down.

Voodoo: Move across.

Male 10: ...send out the reinforcements!

Male 11: We see 'em.

Male 12: Mag change. Cover me!

Voodoo: Clear!

Male 13: Clear!

Voodoo: Gate. Preacher, we're clear. Rally up! Move up! Mako Five, search every building here for the Cleric.

Mako Five: Roger. We'll find him.

Voodoo: All right, we gotta be fast now. Up close and personal. No more robot. Move!

Male 14: Clear right!

Male 15: Sounds like we're losing time.

Male 14: Clear left.

Voodoo: That don't matter. The Cleric's here. We're not leaving without him. Vehicle!

Male 16: More targets.

Male 17: Grenade! Get down!

Male 18: Enemy down!

Male 19: Flank! I'm on your side!

Male 20: Hang on, mag change!

Male 21: One more down.

Male 22: Twelve o'clock. Twenty meters...

Male 23: One more down.

Male 24: They're falling back to the Cleric's palace!

Voodoo: They ain't going nowhere. Move! Here you go.

Male 25: Truck!

Male 26: Here it comes!

Voodoo: Take it down! Preacher, get on that gun!

Male 27: He's done. Moving target.

Male 28: Twelve o'clock!

Male 29: Destroy that gate! We're going in!

Male 30: He's dead.

Male 31: [inaudible 00:04:05]. Take him back!

Male 32: Heavy gunner coming at us!

Male 33: Got him!

Male 34: Another target! Right.

Male 35: Stay down.

Male 36: Heavy gunner!

Male 37: Enemy down.

Male 38: Target, right!

Male 39: Good fucking shot.

Male 40: Stay down, motherfucker.

Male 41: Clear!

Male 42: Voodoo, we turned those buildings upside down. No Cleric.

Voodoo: We got 'im right here. Get back to the extraction point. We're right on your six.

Male 42: Voodoo, we don't know if he's here. We don't know what's here. They go back to the extraction point, and we're on our own.

Voodoo: Yeah, that's right. He's here. And we're getting him. Dead or alive.

Male 42: Check. Let's fucking do it then. Man, it's too quiet. I don't like this.

Voodoo: You like being shot at more?

Male 42: Yeah. Then I know where the targets are. This is just...

Voodoo: The Cleric's here. He's ours. Keep moving to the entrance.

Male 42: What the fuck? Get down!

Male 43: Shit. The place is on fire! What's the call?

Male 44: Move up! Get to the entrance.

Voodoo: Dusty, get that extract ready. Bravo is coming to you.

Dusty: Roger.

Voodoo: Take 'er down. Preacher, on me. Dingo, Tick, give us three minutes. We're getting the Cleric.

Male 45: Roger. Three mikes. Then we're coming after you.

Voodoo: Check. Preacher, on me. Let's hit it.

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