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The Unfinished Swan Walkthrough Part 11 - Chapter 2

Check out part 11 and explore the unknown in this walkthrough of developer Giant Sparrows' new PSN game, The Unfinished Swan.


The King hated the sea, and all because of his very first castle. It was the only one he had ever came close to finishing and it took him a single day. But then the tide came in and washed it all away. He vowed that someday, he'd build a kingdom that would last forever.

The vines were slowly burying the King and the city. No matter what he tried, the King couldn't stop them. So he decided to create something that could. He mixed in paint thinner, malice and snot and soon had the outlines of a pretty horrible creature. But it wasn't until the thing began to coil its tentacles and snap its jaws that the King understood what he had made. And for the first time in his life, the King was afraid.

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