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Dishonored Rune & Bone Charm Guide - House of Pleasure

Check out part 2 and collect every rune and bone charm without being caught in Dishonored with this guide.


Empress: He's alive. Thank you, Corvo. Thank you. My uncle's a good man, and one day, he'll prove it. Here. I know you did this for the right reasons, but I want you to take this as a reward. It's an old heirloom one of my aunts gave me.

Spectacled man: Can I be of service to you?

Soldier: I said we take the fight to death.

Heart: They ship them in from farming villages, [inaudible 00:29:59]

Soldier: Who again?

Soldier two:The one I told you about. You realize you're at the Golden Cat, right?

Soldier: She's different. She really likes me.

Soldier two: Idiot. She likes your money, not you.

Soldier: You're just jealous.

Soldier two: Shut up.

Granny: Come on. Come to dinner now. That's right, Win. It's good to see you again, dear. But don't dally, or that young girl might fall in the river.

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