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How to Do a Side Kick in Taekwondo

Learn how to do a side kick from taekwondo expert Jason Ok in this Howcast video.


I'm going to be teaching you guys how to do a side kick. First, there's a couple of ways to pull out the side kick. First, I'm going to demonstrate the basic side kick. I'm going to stay in a fighting stance. I'm going to first bring my knees up, pivot, and snap out with my bottom of my foot while twisting your hip, like this, and bringing it back. One more time. Knees up. And do the side kick.

Now I have my partner with me. He's holding the shield target this time. And make sure it's about body level. And I'm going to stand in a fighting stance. Now there's a couple of ways to pull out the side kick. There's a regular side kick and also there's a skipping side kick or a hop side kick.

So what we're going to do is practice our regular side kick. I'm going to bring my knees up slowly, and boom, try to kick the center of the target. And you can drop it down or bring it back. So I'm going to show a fast demonstration. One more time.

Now the second side kick we can do is a hop step or skipping side kick. A skipping side kick, what you need to do is bring your back leg and skip forward while you raise your front leg up and throw a side kick. This way. So again, I'd like to show you on this side. My partner's holding it in the body section. Skip. This way. One more time. And that's how we do a side kick.

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