How to Do a Jump Axe Kick in Taekwondo

Learn how to do a jump axe kick from taekwondo expert Jason Ok in this Howcast video.


I'm going to show you guys how to do a jump axe kick. So I'm going to first stay in a fighting stance like this. Again, just like the jump front kick, we're going to raise your back leg up like this. I'm going to do a jump axe kick. This way. So one more time. I'm going to throw my back leg up here. Jump, and throw the axe kick.

Now just a few little details and tips about this jump axe kick is you're going to raise your back leg up. Now one thing you have to do is keep your upper body balanced, well balanced. So one more time. We're going to have it up. Keep your upper body well balanced. Jump and throw an axe kick.

Tip number two, when I throw my axe kick, keep your toes forward, also. So again, I like to bring my back leg up, forward jump, axe kick, with my toes forward, well balanced.

Now I'd like to practice with my partner over here. Again, he's holding the axe kick. I'm going to raise my back leg up, jump, axe kick. So one more time. One. Now a little faster speed. And that's how you do a jump axe kick.

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