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How to Do a Hop Step Double Roundhouse Kick in Taekwondo

Learn how to do a hop step double roundhouse kick from taekwondo expert Jason Ok in this Howcast video.


I want to show you another trainer on how to do that double roundhouse kick called the hop step double roundhouse kick. Double roundhouse kick before, we used our rear leg to the front leg like this. Now a hop step double roundhouse kick, we use our front leg like a hop step roundhouse kick to the rear leg attack. One, two, so again a little faster, it's going to go, like that. So one more time, a little slower, hop step rounds kick, one hold it up, jump, go for the rounds kick.
Now I like to practice with my partner, he's going to stay right here, he's going to be holding the target, and I stay in my fighting stance, I'm going to throw my hop step roundhouse kick for the jump roundhouse kick, hop step double rounds kick. So I'm going to stay here, this way, one more time, and that's how you do hop step double roundhouse kick.

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