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How to Do the Taekwondo Switching Technique

Learn how to do the taekwondo switching technique from taekwondo expert Jason Ok in this Howcast video.


I'm going to be showing you the switching technique in Tae Kwon Do. Now, a switching technique looks like this. I'm in a fighting stance, and I'm just going to switch my legs and change the stance this way. I was on the right leg back. Now I'm on the left leg back. One more time, I switch. And I like to key up. So you could use this as a little feinting motion and do one of the basic, basic foot works. Now, I like to train with hand target and I'm going to do a switch roundhouse kick, so it's going to look like this. I switch and bang and I pull the kick. One more time. This way. Now, you can throw other kicks, such as X kick. So, I'm just going to hold. Switch. X kick. We can also do switch, pull a roundhouse kick. When you do a switch, make sure your shoulder is square. Bang. Also, we can do a switch spinning hook kick. So I'm here. Switch. Like that. So, one more time. Switch. Spinning hook kick. And position yourself. I like to use a switch technique because it sort of confuses your opponent a little bit. One thing that you should never do is always just stand still. So, again, just bouncing like this, fighting like that, doing nothing might get you caught with a kick. So, again, you like to apply some foot work. Again, one of the basics is with the stance. So I could go and pull the kick. Now, you can add more than one foot work to it. So I could do a step forward, check, switch kick. And, bang, pull the kick. So there's a million possibilities with the foot works. So, again, with the target, I can check and switch, too. So I bounce, switch, and pull that fast kick. And that's how we do switch technique in Tae Kwon Do.

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