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How to Do Clinch Technique 3 in Taekwondo

Learn how to do taekwondo clinch technique three from taekwondo expert Jason Ok in this Howcast video.


I'm going to be showing you guys clinch technique #3: defensive clinch.

Now, before we were showing how to initiate for the clinch and before another one was kick, clinch. If my opponent is aggressive by pushing forward, I side-step out for that kick

Now, this one, the defensive clinch, is for when my opponent throws a combination of kicks.

Now, the basic kick that my opponent is going to do, right now, is throw just a roundhouse kick. It's going to do this.

First, maybe, when he throws his first kick, I might slide out. Now, the second kick, I'm going to actually clinch forward and cut him off. He throws the second kick. I go in this way. One more time. He goes for the kick once, slide out, two and clinch in. One more time. He kicks. I slide out. He goes for the kick. Go for the clinch.

Now, you have to time this right. Also, you have to have a good distance. If you're too far or too slow, you might not make it. For example, He goes for the kick. I slide all the way back. He goes for the second kick. I slide all the way in. I might get hit. Again, with this technique, if I slide back too little, then I'm just going to get hit. Again, he throws the kick. I'm just going to get hit. Again, make sure you slide back in a very good distance and slide in a good distance also.

Now, the reason why this technique's important, is because let's say my opponent throws a combination of kicks. He throws hundreds of kicks at me. If I just keep sliding back without cutting him off, eventually, in other words, I'm just running away. Also, I might be out of the ring. He just throws a kick. A lot of fighters just slide back and then they're out. You have to train carefully and do this slowly in the beginning with your partners. Again, I'm ready. He goes tokick. One. Two.

Now, to make things better, it would be great if you actually clinch in before he even throws that second kick. Why not? From here, he throws a kick. One. Two. Go for the clinch.

Now, a little more advanced, you go for the punch. While you're clinching, hit a mark. He throws a kick. Go for the clinch.

That's how we do the defensive clinch technique in sparring.

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