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How to Clean a Gas Water Heater Tank

Learn how to clean a gas hot water heater tank from Winters Plumbing & Heating in this Howcast video.


We have in front of us a water heater, and this water heater, isn't working. It's just for demonstration only, there's no connections to it. So what I want to show you is how to clean a water heater. So, one of the first things you want to do to clean your water heater is you want to turn your gas valve to pilot. And it clearly marks, there's a white line and a pilot symbol right here. The reason why you want to turn it to pilot is because you don't want it firing off while you are draining the water heater. A couple of things you're going to need: shut the gas off first, you need a hose and a place to drain the water. Your hose is going to connect, here, to this valve. You need a screwdriver to open this valve as well. So, now that you have that all connected, you are going to stand up, and on every water heater there is a shut-off right here. You're going to turn the water on, while you are draining the water heater. The reason why you are doing that, is that you want to push down all the hot water, kick up all the debris at the bottom of the tank, and shoot it right out the hose into a drain. Once that's done, you turn the water off, shut the hose off, fill the tank back up again, and go to a faucet like a bathroom or a kitchen. Open up the hot water side and let all the air out. It is going to be pretty noisy, but just let all the air out. Once that's done, go back and turn the water heater from pilot to the on position. Which is right over here.

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