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How to Do a McKenzie Cobra Style Exercise for Back Pain

Learn how to do the McKenzie Cobra Style exercise from physical therapist Eric Sampson in this Howcast video.


Alright, wanna spend a moment now talking about the exercise called Extension in Standing. This is one of the exercises in the Mckenzie Protocol. Mckenzie Protocol is a method of treatment in the physical therapy world and it's an exercise that you've seen people do in general population quite often, where they're just sort of bending backwards to relieve some tension in their back, but Mr. Mckenzie sort of fine-tuned the exercise and made it much more, aggressive, if you will and a lot more functional, if you will.

So, if you could come on and stand. A lot of patients are suffering from back problems associated with too much bending or too much sitting, and so this is an exercise that can be often recommended to help sort of offset some of those pressures associated with sitting and bending. So, all you would do is simply have your feet shoulder width apart, hands in your back supporting your back, trying to keep your legs straight even when you hinge backwards as far as you can go. Great, and then come right back up.

The great thing about this exercise is that you could do it in the office if you're having an office issue with sitting because you just need to stand and find a place to stand. And the key to the exercise is going to be the repetitions.

So, like my example before, somebody might know to do it once, so that it helps them a little bit, but if you do four, five, six in a row, you're going to get a more of a lasting change, patients can now sit again for an extended period of time without suffering. So, this is the extension in standing. One more time please. And then come on back up. That's it.

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