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What Are You Doing to Cause Back Pain?

Learn about common things we all do wrong everyday that can lead to back pain from physical therapist Eric Sampson in this Howcast video.


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We typically do a lot of things wrong during the course of the day. Inherently first of all, most of our day is spent with our bodies moving in a forward direction, or the flexed direction. Flexion is described as when the shoulders are moving closer to the knees, when the knees are moving closer to the chest. So when you think about our activities during the course of the day, sitting, bending, reaching to the floor, brushing our teeth and shaving at the sink, chores around the house, like mopping or vacuuming. All of these activities are putting our spine in that direction, forward or flexed. So inherently we're going to have trouble to begin with. Now if we add on top of that, doing these activities incorrectly, not being aware of our posture while we're doing it, for instance, it can further exasperate the problem. The bottom line we spent a majority of our day doing things wrong. It takes the rare person to recognize the (?) [01:04] and starts that they should be doing things a little bit differently. We get away with them when we're younger, we tend to bend wrong and lift wrong, and sit wrong, and eventually it will catch up to us.

So it's all those things, but the ones that we can probably change the most are some of our little habits at the sink. Like I said before, washing dishes or brushing our teeth, we tend to hunch over the sink, and I'm not really sure why we're doing that. We could probably spend that time upright, and then our sitting posture during the day, we tend to slouch or lose that curvature of our spine too early in the day, and you need it there. Or it leads to the problem.

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