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How to Relieve Back Pain with Eric Sampson

Learn about Eric Sampson, one of Howcast's back pain experts, in this video.


My name is Eric Sampson, I'm a physical therapist working at Spine and Sports Medicine in Midtown Manhattan. I became a physical therapist basically because I got to enjoy seeing some friends deal with some injuries back when they were in high school, and seeing sports medicine side of things.

My sister was also enrolled in physical therapy school at the time, so I got a taste of what it was seeing her curriculum. After I finished with school and got through my master's program at Boston University, I then started a career path from one hospital to another in the New York Metropolitan area, really helped to get my feet wet, learning all the different type of services that physical therapy can provide, from geriatrics to pediatrics, cardiovascular, neurological, as well as the orthopedic and spine setting.

Eventually though, I found my niche, which was to sort of branch off into the outpatient world, and specifically in the spine rehabilitation world. I started on a track to try to become certified in the McKenzie method, or McKenzie approach, which is one of the few methods that are out there in terms of trying to specialize in spinal rehabilitation, and by 2005 I had finished my curriculum in the McKenzie approach.

Since 2005 I've more or less been in the outpatient setting, treating all sorts of spine disorders, pathologies in an outpatient setting. It's been very challenging but also very rewarding. I love it because the patients really respond to this McKenzie approach, and the type of approach that I am providing. They benefit almost immediately from the care given, and they are able to maintain their improvements for a long period of time, which is very, very rewarding for a physical therapist.

I believe that most patients can get better with almost any approach, but to remain better beyond the few months you're in physical therapy is really the key, and a lot of patients to wind up staying better, remaining better for years past their injury, which is very, very rewarding. A lot of our patients, they will look up online, where can I go to get some physical therapy, and we typically hear Spine and Sports Medicine pop up right away on a Google search,

Once you've made the, you know, the attempt to reach out to us, we will get you on a program within 24 to 48 hours of the phone call, and begin your care immediately.

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