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Volleyball Slang Terms

Learn the most popular volleyball slang terms in this Howcast volleyball video with Aurora Skarra-Gallagher and Tanya White.


A lot of popular slang with beach volleyball revolves around the hit, the offense. You can have a pokey, the cobra, a roll shot, a hit or a spike.

There is also defensive terms, you dig a ball, you bump a ball, you pass a ball. If you fall in the sand, as if there was a divot in the sand, sometimes we say there was a sand snake. If you fall when you are running for the ball, sometimes we say the sand shark got you.

When you set a ball with your hands and it doesn't spin we say it's clean or sometimes we call it butter. If you hand-set a ball and it's not clean or it spins sometimes you say cheddar, or even margarine.

When you're blocking a ball we call it roofing. If you dig a ball off the side of your arm, they call it a chicken wing. If you get hit in the face with a ball it's called a facial or a six pack. David Fisher and Jack Quinn coined a term called 'wear it' when someone hit a ball and it hits off part of your body. When you're saving a serve and you pass it in such a way your partner can't get it we call that a shank.

Sometimes if your feeling flippant you'll say "Shank you" to the server. When you run after a ball or bring it back to the court, it's called shag or shagging the ball. Those are some popular terms for beach volleyball.

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