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How to Jump Serve a Volleyball

Learn how to jump serve a volleyball in this Howcast volleyball video with Aurora Skarra-Gallagher and Tanya White.


In beach volleyball, you can add speed to your serve by doing a jump serve.

When people refer to a jump serve, they're usually talking about someone jumping and hitting the ball with topspin. There is a different kind of serve called the float jump serve that we'll talk about in a different video.

The most important part of a jump serve is the toss. You want a good consistent toss. What you want to do is usually create some spin. You can toss with either your left or your right hand. I prefer tossing with my right hand. You want to toss the ball a little bit into the court, and high enough for you to take an approach as if you were hitting to serve it over the net.

If you toss it too far behind you, you're going to have to look up to hit the ball, and you're going to lose sight of the court and your target. If you toss it too far in front of you, you're going to end up potentially serving into the net, or foot faulting, which means when you step inside the court while serving. A jump serve uses topspin.

You give yourself a high enough toss, and then you hit the ball and wrap your hand over the top of the ball to create a topspin. When the wind is blowing directly in your face as you're serving, this is a good time to do the jump serve. This means that it can drop short, right in front of your opponent as you serve, it can be very deceptive.

The jump serve can be a little bit more inconsistent than a standing serve, but it's also more powerful, so it just depends on what your strategy is. And that's how you jump serve in beach volleyball.

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