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How to Hook a Guy with Body Language

Learn how to hook a guy with body language with the help of relationship expert Jonathon Aslay in this Howcast video about men and love.


How do you hook a guy with body language?

OK, first off, again, it starts with the eye contact. OK? Men are visual creatures. When you connect with their eyes you're going to be reaching deep into their soul. That's the first thing.

Soon as you're in his space, give him that five second space, and then put a big bright smile on. Doesn't have to be over-dramatic but just enough to get his attention.

Now, leaning in usually helps tell a guy that you're interested as opposed to going back. OK? So, leaning in is good body language to demonstrate that you're into a guy.

Last but not least, playful touching. OK? Stroking his arm, maybe even stroking his hair. Those are signs that, telling the guy that you're into him.

Guys might get intimidated if you're coming on a little too strong. Especially if it's with touching or something like that. It might get a little bit, not so much intimidated, but they might think you're gonna get a little too attached. And the last thing a guy wants is a girl getting too attached too quickly.

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