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How to Approach a Guy at a Party or Bar

Learn how to approach a guy at a party or bar with the help of relationship expert Jonathon Aslay in this Howcast video about men and love.


How do you approach a guy at a bar?

First off, if a guy's at a bar that you're interested in, take interest in what he's going.

If he's talking to his friends, just kind of watch what's going on. If he's watching the game, start taking interest in the game. Then start moving into his space. Get near him.

Soon as you're in his space, give him that five second stare and then put a big, broad smile on. Doesn't have to be over-dramatic, but just enough to get his attention. Pull away for a second. Give him another stare. Chances are he's going to walk right towards and want to start a conversation with you.

First, guys are visual creatures so you want to get that eye contact going. But you got to break that eye contact because if it's too long, it's going to come off scary to a guy.

So you want to break it off and bring it back just every so gently for about four or five seconds, just to get his attention. That allows him to connect with you and you're connecting with him.

And now that you've been watching the game, you've got something to talk about and you've got a conversation going and you've got the beautiful start of a wonderful friendship or maybe something more.

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