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How to Pick a Valentine's Day Gift for a Guy

Learn how to pick a Valentine's Day gift for a guy with the help of relationship expert Jonathon Aslay in this Howcast video about men and love.


When it comes to Valentine's Day, a gift from the heart always means something to a man.

But recognize that men are a little different than women, okay? The kind of gifts that you might be thinking you like, isn't going to necessarily be the gifts that he might like.

So when it comes to those maybe cute little teddy bears or little flowers and hearts, those don't really turn on a guy.

What really turns on a guy might be something experiential. Imagine a day on a race track. He's getting into his testosterone. He's getting into his manlihood. All these great places where you can do things like race track driving, flying up in a jet or even a hot air balloon ride with your sweetheart.

How about tickets to his favorite sporting event? So if he likes a certain football team or a basketball team. Guys don't really like the tchotchke kind of gifts.

He doesn't need another stapler with his favorite football team on it or something with a coffee mug. Something different is going to be something that he remembers.

So think of that, not the gifts that you like, maybe flowers or chocolate or teddy bears. That's what you want. What he wants is something that he can experience and he'll associate you with that gift.

And I guarantee he's going to appreciate it and he's going to love you for it.

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