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How to Dress for a Date

Learn how to dress for a date with the help of relationship expert Jonathon Aslay in this Howcast video about men and love.


What to wear on a date. It's all about the image we want to project. What you advertise is whats going to be seen out there.

Remember, men are visual creatures. Lets say you dress in something sexy. Chances are you're going to grab his attention and motivate him to want to approachyou in a sexy manner.

If you dress in something frumpy, he's not even going to come your way.

If you're dressing even sleazy, what are you advertising? You're advertising: 'I'm really in it for a one night stand.'

Dress sharp, dress clean, dress to impress. That's what going to impress a man, dressing with confidence in what you wear and how you put yourself out there when you're out in public.

What guys should wear on a date. Dress clean, dress sharp, dress to get noticed. Men should be dressed up in a way that attracts your attention.

We may not like to be a proud peacock so we want to get your attention, but guys who wear holey shirts aren't going to do a good job out in public trying to meet a girl. So, dress sharp dress clean and dress to impress.

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