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Should You Call a Guy You Like?

Learn if you should call a guy you like from relationship expert Jonathon Aslay in this Howcast video about men and love.


Know this one thing let him pursue you especially in the early stages of the relationship. If you're just started to date or your first few months in let him take the lead. Let him initiate the conversations. Let him call you instead of you chasing him.

Men need to have the chase in order to really capture your heart. So allow him to come to you. Now, once the relationship is kind of settled in, have a balance to your relationship as to when you call.

Obviously, if it's something important you want to initiate a contact, so that's OK. But when it's in the early stages of dating whether its three or five contacts by first gives him I think gives him the space to come to you and also shows that he really cares.

Now, be careful when a guy calls you late at night for just a booty call. No, if you're into it that's OK go for it. But know that guys who tend to call late in the evening for a last minute rendezvous are looking for quick sex.

Allow the guy to call you in the middle of the day. Have a conversation. Spend time getting to know one another. Have regular dates. Don't allow your relationship to be just telephonic or texting. Allow it to be something where your interacting together doing fun activities and sharing time with one another.

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