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How to Read Guys

Learn how to read guys with the help of relationship expert Jonathon Aslay in this Howcast video about men and love.


How to read men. Let me help you interpret guy speak. When a guy says something like, 'I'm not looking for a serious relationship,' or 'I'm not ready for a relationship right now,' chances are this is a guy who's seeking just a one-night stand.

So when it comes to interpreting guys or reading their minds, this is a way to interpret whether or not he's seriously looking for a relationship with you.

Another way to interpret guy speak is that he's maybe struggling some area of his life. Maybe he's struggling financially. So to give you an idea of what's going on in a guy's mind in this case, he might start a conversation like, 'The economy sucks right now. Can you believe it? All the gas prices are going up.'

This might be a sign that this guy's struggling financially and doesn't want you to know about it. And he's sharing it with you kind of in a global sense.

Another way to read a man's mind is how does he talk about himself in real life? Does he talk positive? Is he encouraged by his activities in his life? Is he excited about the future? Does he talk about his professional life?

Chances are if he's talking negatively, it's a good sign he lacks confidence. So one way to read a man's mind is how does he talk about himself.

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