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What Do Guys Like?

Learn what guys like with the help of relationship expert Jonathon Aslay in this Howcast video about men and love.


What do men like?

Well, in my book The Relationships Men Commit to and Why, I wrote about what I call the four keys to the kingdom.

We need to be fed, we need it to be fun, we need it to be fresh and we need to have regular sex.

Let's face it. You've all heard the term the best way to a man's heart is though his stomach. Men love to be fed, so that's one of the first things we do like.

Next, we need it fun. A relationship that doesn't have fun isn't going to rarely go anywhere. And we need it fresh. We need variety. So it's about mixing things. Both of you need to do this. It's not just your responsibility. It's his responsibility, too. Have some spark, have some variety. Don't always do the same thing. Do different things.

And ultimately, men do need regular sex. The best way to keep a man happy in the relationship is when he's having regular sex with you. While most men need respect, ultimately what they like in a relationship, they like to be fed, they like it to be fun, the like it fresh and they always like regular sex.

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