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Why Do Guys Lose Interest in a Woman?

Find out why guys lose interest in a woman with the help of relationship expert Jonathon Aslay in this Howcast video about men and love.


So why do men lose interest? Well, one of the first causes is boredom. The second thing is too much drama. Okay? Guys will lose interest when there's too much drama in a relationship. So if there is a lot of activity going on with your girlfriends, or maybe your family, and it's more emotional responsibility than he can handle, he'll begin to lose interest. Obviously if the sex life starts to shift, that's another reason why men lose interest. But ultimately what you have to be looking out for are the guys who are the yes-but, the guys who are just kind of into you. I call them yes-buts, okay? They're into you, but they're not ready to go the distance, or maybe they have someone else in mind in their life. They're in it for the right now, but they're not looking for the long term. So, those guys often lose interest and then someone else comes along.

Guys who are really serious about the relationship are into you 100 percent, they make regular time for fun, social activities together, and they also know how to curb the drama. Often times guys lose interest well before the relationship ends. They'll start showing it with subtle signs. They may not be calling you as much, they might not be spending regular time with you. It would be great if we could all pick up on the cues when someone loses interest and they're ready to end the relationship. It would be great if we had a crystal ball. But just recognize that relationships do have their timing, and when someone loses interest, that means the next guy is just around the corner waiting for you.

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