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How to Reject a Guy

Learn how to reject a guy with the help of relationship expert Jonathon Aslay in this Howcast video about men and love.


So, how to reject a guy.

Well, let's face it, nobody likes to be rejected. So, when it comes to rejecting a guy, ask yourself how would you like to be rejected? There's really no right way to do this, is there?

So, I think the first thing is to be gentle when it comes to rejecting a guy. There's nothing worse than someone that's coming across harsh, cutting off a relationship or ending a relationship. Be gentle, and next, be kind. Okay?

This is an important thing. Nobody likes to be rejected, so if you're going to do it, do it with kindness. But ultimately, you're rejecting the person for a reason and I think you need to be firm. Be clear as to why you don't want to see this person any more. You don't have to give the specifics, but you need to be firm because the last thing you want is someone coming, someone stalking you.

When it comes to rejecting guys, we have to look at it this way. If it's someone you just met, and you don't want to see them again, chances are you need to make it firm because you don't want to see this person ever again. When it's a relationship that's more serious, that may have some investment in it, I think it's important to give everybody a reason why you want to end the relationship. Making up a false reason why you want to reject a guy, I don't think that's fair to anyone.

But also, I think it's important to be kind, be gentle, but be clear and firm. That's the best way to reject someone.

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