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How to Break Up with a Guy

Learn how to break up with a guy with the help of relationship expert Jonathon Aslay in this Howcast video about men and love.


How to break up with a guy.

I think it's important to be crystal clear when it comes to breaking up with anybody, because the worst thing you can do is create false hope.

Second, keep it short and sweet. The reality is, if the relationship is going to end the last thing you really want is some long drawn out drama over the breakup. Think if you want to end the relationship, keep it short and sweet.

Also be kind. Be gentle. No one likes to be broken up. And treat it the way you'd' want to be broken up. I think it's important to be kind and gentle.

And ultimately, just recognize that if the relationship isn't right for you it's time to move on.

Also recognizing that sometimes breakups happen in stages. Okay? You've taken time apart. The next thing you know you want each other and you get back together.

But if you're really breaking up for specific reasons, know what they are. And chances are that they're not going to get fixed if you re-enter a relationship with them.

Maybe there's a weaning period that some of us need to end the relationship, so it has to be done in stages. While some just rip off the band aid quickly, others might take their time and there's a back and forth period going on.

But ultimately, ask yourself the real important question is. Why isn't this relationship working for you? And if you really do want it to end, it's important to end with it being firm.

I can tell you a woman once told me, "Johnathan, I don't ever want to see you again." Believe me, that struck home. And she did me the biggest favor because I could have been calling her all the time, trying to resurrect the relationship.

And I look back now, she really did do me the best favor because we weren't right for each other. So when two people aren't right for each other, maybe the best thing is to break up.

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