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How to Understand Men with Jonathon Aslay

Learn about Jonathon Aslay, one of Howcast's relationship experts, in this video.


Hi, my name is Jonathon Aslay, I'm a dating and relationship coach for women. I'm the founder of Understand Men Now, real life, real issues, real relationships. I'm also your guy spy into the male mind, and I'm a heart protector for women. So I'm often asked, how did I get started in this? My journey is a little different than most. After turning 40 and going through a divorce in 2005, I find myself out there dating. I was living in a big home with family, barbecues every weekend, to moving into a Resident Inn with a refrigerator the size of a shoe box, and a microwave to cook meals. I was lonely, I wanted attention, and I had my laptop sitting on the corner over there, logged on, figured out, what's this thing called online dating? I got to give this a try. Next thing you know, I found myself literally addicted to online dating. I'm developing friendships with these women, having conversations lasting hours. They'd call me up and say, "Jonathan, I got this date with this guy on, will you check out his profile and tell me what you think?" And they say, "Jonathon, I've been talking to this guy for a week, he's nothing like you described." I said, "Go on a date and tell me what happens." The date ends, the car door closes, the frantic text message in bold letters, "Jonathon, can we talk? Oh my gosh, you were dead on, he was exactly the way you described."

I realized I had a knack, much like the FBI have profilers for serial killers, I can profile serial daters, serial monogamous, the nice guys, the bad boys, and the guys looking for serious relationships. So I started Understand Men Now, and wrote my first book, The Relationships Men Commit To and Why, and my career has taken off ever since. My coaching style or what I call Heart Center Radical Honesty, it's direct, it's tough love, but it's with a heart, and that's the way I help women understand men, and help them attract the relationship they're looking for, the relationship they want, that juicy, delicious relationship that makes them happy. If you want to look me up, I'm at, you can find me on Facebook and Twitter at Jonathon Aslay, and my book The Relationships Men Commit To and Why can be found on my website. And today we're going to be talking about dating advice, we're going to be talking about understanding men, all the different facets of men, the way they think, what we want, and what we're looking for in relationship, and how you can connect with us.

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