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How to Clean & Gut Catfish

Learn how to clean and gut catfish in the first video of 4-part Howcast series with Chef Brendan McDermott.


Today what we're going to do is clean some catfish and gut it. One of the first things you want to do is, catfish tends to come sometimes with this really kind of slimy outside. You can always, it's just stuff from the water, from their skin, nothing bad, but you don't want it. So what you can do is you can take the back of your knife and just kind of scrape away at it. You don't want to use the blade, you just want to use the back of the knife, and a lot of that will come right off. You can see I'm just kind of moving a lot of that gelatin, it's kind of like a jelly, and you can just scrape that away. It'll take a couple minutes, but you just want to do the whole fish, you can get a lot of that stuff out of it. Then you can always just take a little rag and clean it down. Water won't really help very much for this process, all right.

Now what we're going to do is gut it. Now there's couple different ways to gut fish. You can kind of come up from the side underneath the fin here, and the gill, where you can just make a little incision down here. I don't want to cut too far into the guts, and then you can kind of help work that out, a little bit bigger. Just be careful that you don't rip anything, because it is their filtering system, and you don't want that to leak into meat and stuff, so you can just pull all of that right out. You can help work it from the inside a little bit, that was a healthy one. You're always better off using your fingers for stuff like this, you really don't want to use anything sharp. And then once you get down to the end, really close to down to that sac, you want to try and seal it off a little bit, and then cut it out.

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