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How to Remove the Catfish Skin

Learn how to remove the catfish skin in the final video of a 4-part Howcast series with Chef Brendan McDermott.


So once you actually have the filet removed, you can actually just take it off and filet it as you would any other fish and just bring it close to the edge and remove the skin.

The other way that a lot of people do it with catfish is that because it is kind of this awkward tough thing is to just leave it intact just leave that bottom part of the tail. Leave that intact and fold it over take your knife and drop it right down over next to the skin. Holding the tail and the bones you can just kind of get your cut started.

And then just as you would any other fish bring your knife down tilt it, so that you're on the skid by the skin. Take the knife and gently, just pull the fish back and forth laying against the skin. Or sorry, pull back and forth with the knife at a 15 to 20-degree angle on the board or the table and just zigzag while pulling out to the side. And you should be able to get that right off.

And you should have your catfish filet.

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