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How to Clean & Fabricate Fish

Learn how to clean and fabricate fish in this Howcast food video with Chef Brendan McDermott.


So, when picking out tools for cleaning and fabricating fish, always of course, a good boning knife or a good fillet knife is very important. Another thing that you might want to do is just run to a hardware store and pick up a pair of needlenose pliers. I tend to like these more than even some of the stuff they sell as fish pinning tools and stuff like that because these can really get in there and take the pin bones out of some of the bigger fish like salmon, striped bass, or snapper, but you can really get a good nice pinch on them and really get those pin bones out so this is definitely key.

Another one that is totally optional because you can use your knife to do is a scaling brush, which is pretty much just a very basic looking brush with these big teeth on it. They're almost like little triangles that can help take off the scales of the fish. Some people have been known to use a box grater that would be used for cheese. It's a little hard to hold on to but I've seen it done and it works really well. So, if you can't get your hands on a scaling brush or you don't feel comfortable using the back of the knife, you can use the box grater and stuff like that. Those are some really quick little tools that you can use that some of us already have in the house.

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