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How to Decorate Cupcakes with Piping

Learn different techniques for decorating cupcakes with piping from the experts at Butter Lane Bakery in this Howcast food video.


I'm going to show you a few piping techniques, with three piping tips. The first one is a star tip. The second one is a petal tip, and the third one is a leaf tip.

With our star tip, I'm going to show you a real simple border. It's called a shell border. It's really popular in cakes, and cupcakes, and it's really simple to do.

All you're going to do is hold it on a 45 degree angle. You're going to squeeze. Put a lot of pressure in the beginning, and then, as you're going back, you're going to release pressure, because you want that big bulb up there. You're going to squeeze, go forward a little bit, and come back, and release pressure. Do that in a row, and that makes for a really pretty border around your cakes. And that's the first one.

The second one I'm going to show you is a petal. It's how to make petals for flowers. It's really simple. When you put them together, it makes a really pretty flower.

You're always going to have the narrow end of the petal tip facing up, and the fatter end facing down. You want this end facing up, because it makes really delicate, nice, fragile petals. The motion for this is, you're going to start, with a lot of pressure, at a 45 degree angle. Go in an arch, bring it right back to where you started. Do that a few times, get the hang of that motion, that nice arch. Always end back where you first started.

Then, with our leaf tip, this makes our leaves. Our leaf tip looks like a prong, and you're going to want to hold it so that it's vertical. When you hold it to the side, it looks like a little mouth.

You're going to hold it, 45 degree angle, these are all held at 45 degree angles. You're just going to squeeze. Put a lot of pressure, and then, as you pull away, you're going to slowly ease the pressure off, so you get a nice point at the end. Depending on how big you want your leaves, if you want them bigger, you squeeze harder, pull away. If you want them smaller, squeeze a little softer, and pull away.

There you have three tips. With these tips, you can experiment with them, have fun with them. You can put them together with this petal tip. You'll make a lot of different flowers, and then add the leaf, and then put a nice border around it. Just have fun with it. Mix and match.

Those are three piping techniques.

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