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How to Make Birthday Cupcakes

Learn how to make birthday cupcakes from the experts at Butter Lane Bakery in this Howcast food video.


So I'm going to show you how to make really easy birthday cupcakes. I'm going to start with our pastry bag. I'm using an 824 pastry tip. I'm going to fill it with really good vanilla icing. Plain old vanilla. All I'm going to do is do a classic swirl on our cupcake. I'm using an 824 star tip. I like to use the larger one to get more volume on the cupcake and it looks really nice and really fun. I'm going to show you how to pipe a swirl on your cupcake. You're going to start at the border, and you're going to apply a lot pressure so you get that nice volume. Then next I'm going to just build right on top of my last swirl and keep going until I get a really nice peak. Then I'm going to take my sprinkles, rainbow sprinkles, everyone loves rainbow sprinkles and just apply it liberally on there. Then take our candle and stick it through the middle. This is a really fun and easy way to make birthday cupcakes for kids and adults.
That's how you make really easy birthday cupcakes.

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