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How to Make Baby Girl Cupcakes for a Shower

Learn how to make baby girl cupcakes for a baby shower from the experts at Butter Lane Bakery in this Howcast food video.


I'm going to show you how to make cupcakes for a shower for a baby girl. I already have a darker pink made and I'm going to show you how to color it, so you can make a lighter pink, just to have that contrast of color. I'm going to add one drop of red food coloring into our white buttercream. Just a little bit at a time, just to get the color you want. You're going to keep mixing that until you don't see any streaks of white. So this looks really good.

So, I'm going to add that to our pastry bag with a petal tip. When I add the frosting to my pastry bag, I cuff it over my hands. And with this hand, I'm taking the frosting and putting it in there and grabbing it with this other hand. And then, uncuff it and push it all the way to the tip. Before you use it, you're going to wanna squeeze out just a little bit just to get that air pocket out of there. So we're actually going to start with our darker pink with our large star tip. So, we're going to start right in the center of our cupcake, squeeze, hover over the cupcake a little, we're going to go around in a circle until you can't see the cake anymore.

So, after I pipe onto my cupcake, I'm going to take my pink sanding sugar, which is a little different than sprinkles. They're smaller, they're like little crystals. It's really nice. We're going to take that and just put that on the edge of my cupcake, just in the border, just to add a little accent.

Then, we're going to take our light pink that we made with our petal tip and with this, I'm going to pipe a little flower in the center. This is really simple. You're going to have the narrow side facing up and the fatter side facing down. And so, with the fatter side, we're going to start right in the center at a 45-degree angle you're going to apply pressure, and with an arch movement, you're going to go up, and right back down to where you started. Turn your cupcake, do the same thing. Just one continuous motion until you have your flower.

Then, with our black pastry bag with a small round tip, we're just going to pipe right in the center a little circle for the center of a flower. And there we have really simple and pretty cupcakes for a shower for a baby girl.

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