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How to Make Easter Cupcakes, Part 2

Learn how to decorate cupcakes for Easter from the experts at Butter Lane Bakery in this Howcast food video, part 2 of 2.


So, now I'm going to show you how to pipe our frosting that we just colored for our Easter cupcakes. So, I actually have two tips. The first one I'm going to use is a large round tip. I'm going use our blue for this one. So, squeeze it to the end and just let a little bit of it out because there will be an air pocket there and you don't want it to explode on your cupcake when you're piping. So, you're going to take your cupcake, start in the center, cover a little bit over the cupcake so you get a good volume, squeeze, and just go around in a circle. I like to leave a little bit of a border just to see what flavor cupcake it is. So it's like a fun swirl. I'm going to take our Easter themed sprinkles. There are bunnies in here, little eggs, some nice pastel colors. And I'm just going to put some on the edges. Now, I'm going to take our second tip, our star tip, a large star tip, and I'm going to fill it with our pink frosting. So, again, I'm going to start in the center, cover a little over the cupcake and just go in a circle, leaving a little border at the end. The fun part about these cupcakes is you can make so many different colors. I have four here, but you can make as many as you want. Mix and match flavors. I have chocolate and vanilla. You can make a lot of different flavored cakes. And that's how you make really fun and easy Easter cupcakes.

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