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How to Decorate Cupcakes for Summer

Learn how to decorate cupcakes for a summer celebration from the experts at Butter Lane Bakery in this Howcast food video.


One of the best things about summer is the fresh fruit that is available. So, what we're going today is we're going to use some fresh fruit that we found and use that as a simple topping for a cupcake. So, we're just going to take some frosting, using a spatula or you can use a pastry bag. Whatever's easiest for you. I like the spatula because it gives me some space to nicely place the fruit on the cupcake. We're just going to frost. And then, you have a couple of options during the summer. You can use whatever fruit you like. I like raspberries; they're delicious. I'm going to go ahead and cut it in half lengthwise. So, I'm just going to place the raspberry on top a little off center. And then, there you go, you have a nice raspberry. Or, if you want, I also really like strawberries. So, same thing, we're going to go ahead and take some frosting. Frost the cupcake again, the same way if you like. And with the strawberry, I like to cut it and get a nice little piece like this. I like to show the cut side up and give a nice fresh juicy look right there. Another very simple edition is fresh blueberries. And this one, you can use two or three blueberries. I like the look of three blueberries on top, which looks like this. I have my three. I'm just going to go ahead and place them right on top. So there you go, some great cupcake topping ideas for the summer.

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