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How to Decorate Wedding Cupcakes

Learn how to decorate cupcakes for weddings from the experts at Butter Lane Bakery in this Howcast food video.


So, an easy way to decorate a cupcake for a wedding is you're going to take a vanilla cupcake; I'm going to take some vanilla frosting, and I'm going to go ahead and use just a regular straight spatula.

You could use a pastry bag. I prefer the spatula, because I'm going to get that nice, rustic looking kind of look on the cupcake. So I'm just going to scoop some here onto my spatula, a nice generous dollop, and I'm just going to turn and tap at the same time, to get my frosting on. Then I'm going to give it a nice little old fashioned swirl here, in the middle.

I have that little crevice inside, which will be perfect, so I can sprinkle out some dragees on top. So I'm just going to put some on my hands, and I'm going to sprinkle them on the cupcake to give a nice simple, classic look, like that.

I like to use cupcakes for weddings because this way, you can have all different kind of cupcakes, different flavors featured, instead of having just one kind of cake that everybody has to eat from. So, there you go.

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