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How to Set a Tattoo Machine for Lining

Learn how to set a tattoo machine for lining from acclaimed tattoo artist James Vaughn in this Howcast video.


To set up a traditional tattoo machine, basically, let me put my gloves on here. Now first we want to do the liner machine. The liner machine, I use a standard liner tube. It's actually a nine liner tube because I usually use nine liners mostly. I put the tube in the machine, and I'm going to insert the, actually what we'll do, sometimes you'll have a little bit of tension. You'll bend it just slightly so that when you insert into the tube, it'll ride right down on the groove. And this is a diamond tip so when you do that, you'll also have when you bend it, it actually runs, it'll run right down in the diamond part of the tube. I like to do that because it doesn't bounce around as much in the tube, because it actually has a little bit of tension on it, so that puts it right down in the groove. And everybody asks, "What's wrong with your machine, you got this thing held together by rubber bands?" Actually, it's not. We actually put the rubber bands on there so it actually holds the bar tighter to the tube and actually helps with not making it bounce around the tube.

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