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How to Tune & Work a Tattoo Machine

Learn how to tune and work a tattoo machine from acclaimed tattoo artist James Vaughn in this Howcast video.


Make sure everything is running correctly. When setting up your equipment always making sure anything you are going to touch with a contaminated hand always make sure anything on your station is covered so you don't cross contaminate anything. Like clip cord covers because you will drag it across your client, also your power supply and knobs. I will put a baggie on my machine. First I will tune my machine to make sure everything is working correcting so I don't have to readjust anything with contaminated hands. I will turn my machine on and kind of like black magic I usually tune my machines to tone just like a musician hears a certain sound. I tune my machine to the sound the tone I hear in my head when you hear that tone you know it sounds right. It's kind of a think I am also a musician so I am used to hearing different tones in my head. Now we go to the liner machines. Liner machines will sound more zingy. They will have a different tone because they are going to hit a lot faster. Main thing you have to do is adjust your tension on the liner needle in the two and also your rubber bands it really makes a big difference on how it sounds and run. It depends on what you want to do if you want to do a thicker line you can have it hit a little harder then if you were doing something really soft. It depends on your tattoo; on your application and what your going to do. This machine sounds awesome.

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