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How to Do Tattoo Script & Calligraphy

Learn how to do tattoo script and calligraphy from acclaimed tattoo artist James Vaughn in this Howcast video.


One of the most important parts of a day-to-day tattoo and everyday shop life actually is in parts of the world, the United States, it's a make-or-break in the industry is pretty much a script, standard script. We all do it; I know some shops you can get fired if you can't do a script. So it's pretty simple. I've got a few little sketches down.

Most important is to keep the same angles, you know, the same angles like the letters, try to keep them uniform. And then you can throw in a little embellishment here and there.

So I'll start out. And this is very very important to work on your line work also, because you've got long sweeps, you know; you've got really long sweeps of very even contours, which helps a lot with your line work. And line work is most important when starting out as a tattooer, and as a seasoned tattooer.

We'll filigree here and there. Make sure all your points come to points. That's one way you can work on your line work, you know, even with tribal and stuff like that. You know, you work on your points, and your points are very very important when it comes to tattooing. Try to keep all your embellishments the same thickness as you go.

A little filigree here; sometimes I put a little dot at the end; sometimes it's kind of just fancy it up a little bit.

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