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How to Sterilize a Tattoo Needle

Learn how to sterilize tattoo needles from acclaimed tattoo artist James Vaughn in this Howcast video.


How to sterilize tattoo needles. Actually most companies you get your supplies from, usually have a sterilized blister pack. You usually buy 50 needles in a pack, normally around 20 to 25 bucks, depends on what company you go with. Actually the only thing, everything now days usually is all disposable. There are so many conventions. There are so many people that travel and it's so much easier just to have everything disposable. When I go on the road I like to have disposables just so I can go through the airport without any problems and it's also less weight, because it's all in plastic tubes. Disposable tubes just came on the market. Like I said, True Tubes are really good. It's so much easier with health departments too, to have all sterilized, basically ready to go and disposable. Use once, throw away. Back in the day they used to say to reuse sterilized needles but that's a no go. Everything is so cheap there's no reason to resterilize needles. And actually if you did, we usually have an ATS report, which all health departments usually require. You test your autoclave. I usually go overkill, 270 degrees and 15 pounds of pressure. Usually 15 minutes but I usually go 30 minutes just to be sure. It doesn't cost anything extra to run it more just to be safe. I use steel tubes, which those are basically ultrasoniced, cleaned, rebagged and sterilized. For sterilization most companies, sell all disposables, which if your are tattooing a lot, you can basically buy all he products you need and just throw them away.

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