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How to Care for Skin after a Tattoo

Learn how to care for your skin after a tattoo from acclaimed tattoo artist James Vaughn in this Howcast video.


Tattoo aftercare. Actually, I have a really good product that I've been using. It's called Afterlife, and Redemption. It's actually a really, really good product. A lot of organic stuff in there that actually promotes healing in the skin.

I use it during the tattoo, and it soothes the skin as we're working. It used to have a mango shea in it, but they've dropped that. It doesn't have a scent any more, but it's a really good product that soothes the skin while I'm working. It kind of takes the red out. It doesn't seem as inflamed as it did when I was using Vaseline or A&D ointment. You know, I still use those products a lot. Different products keep coming out.

I stand behind this one. You can use this. After I'm done with a tattoo I actually give the client the rest of what I didn't use in the thing so they can use it for the next few days. We also sell it. You're only going to use it for a few days and then go to a Lubriderm, or a non-fragrant lotion, or Aquaphor, or any of that stuff.

After I do a tattoo I tell people you're going to be bandaged. Take it off in a few hours when you get home. Wash it with warm, soapy water with your hand. Don't ever use anything abrasive like a washcloth to wash it just through the healing process. It's only going to be three to four days.

After you wash it always blot it dry. Don't ever wipe it dry. Apply a very, very thin coat of Redemption. You know, the thinner you put it on there, it's considered a butter, so you just very, very sparingly. Because it does expand when it warms up. So put it on there very, very thin.

Keep it clean throughout the day. You don't have to cover it. When it dries out, you'll start to feel it drying out, go to the bathroom, wash the old ointment off, and apply a new coat. Don't go to the beach after you get your tattoo. Don't go swimming after you get your tattoo.

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