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3 Watercolor Techniques for Tattoos

Learn how to use three watercolor techniques for tattoos from acclaimed tattoo artist James Vaughn in this Howcast video.


One of my rants and like I said I've touched on maybe twice already is the focus on water coloring which also will promote, produce art you can sell, and possibly feed yourself as an artist. We're all starving artists. We all live check to check. We all try to do our best to make a dollar and water coloring is a very good technique to keep going with, to keep learning. I'm doing all my labels. I'm coming out with my own moonshine labels and I'm water coloring every one of those. Every chance I get to try to help me focus on bettering my craft, I'll do it. And water coloring, I keep stressing the fact that I paint the same way that I tattoo. That's why I keep focusing on people that are trying to learn or trying to advance themselves is to keep painting. Keep painting over and over again. You know those techniques that you're using to paint will also better your craft and how you tattoo. And also the more you work, the more you tattoo, the more you water color, it keeps growing and growing.

Like I said, it's a very very important thing that you learn these techniques. I call it a windshield wiper. Everybody's like; "What the hell are you talking about"' and it's the same motion. I use the same motion when I'm blending on watercolor as I do tattooing. So it's the same motion with my hand that I use a paintbrush. I use a paintbrush and I use a tattoo machine, and it's the same motion. So the importance of that, it's all about muscle memory. When you do something over and over again a lot of people are like; "Well how did you learn to draw flowers as well as you precise?"

I was like; "It's all muscle memory." I've taught myself the motions. Sometimes, it's just like with Japanese waves, I mean it's all motion, it's all muscle memory, and then again it all derives from a circle. You know? Boom, boom, boom, boom. It's all circles. My water color technique is the same as a half circle. It's like a windshield wiper. And it all derives from circles. And just like with tattooing, I tattoo the same way, I'm doing; little circle, little circle, little circle, little circle, little circle. And it's the same, same, principle. So, keep focusing, keep ranting, just keep the art coming, better yourself. Better yourself every day.

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