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How to Be a Tattoo Artist with James Vaughn

Learn about James Vaughn, one of Howcast's tattoo experts, in this video.


Hi, I'm James Vaughn I own Straight A tattoo in Asheboro, North Carolina. I was formerly on finalist on Inkmaster. I tattoo mainly convention circuits, all over, guest spots. I am here to better this business. I am not promoting someone working out of their house or doing something without proper instruction. I want the people who need the knowledge, that want the knowledge, to get the knowledge. I have been tattooing 21 years I started at a really young age. I was an artist. My passion was art. I just wanted to create. I wanted to be an art teacher. The passion for being an artist kept going. I started messing around tattooing myself, kids stuff. I started messing up my friends. I decided I had to find someone to apprentice me. The struggle in the early '90s to get an apprenticeship was ridiculous. It was so hard in that era of tattooing that it was frowned upon, you didn't someone to apprentice you. I found someone that would actually teach. I ate, I slept, I drank, I had the passion to be a tattoo artist, and no matter what it cost me to do that. I wanted it so bad. I got drawn into large, traditional, Japanese art. If you are interested in getting tattoo by me, or want to hang out, get a print, t-shirts of anything. Hit me up on Facebook or

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