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Black Ops 2 Walkthrough Part 1 - Pyrrhic Victory

Check out part 2 of this walkthrough from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 by Treyarch and learn how to get through Pyrrhic Victory.


Male 1: Let's move out!

Harper: Secure the buildin.

Male 2: Move in!

Male 3: Go go go go go!

Commando: We've scoured every inch of the Vault, sir, except this room.

Woods: Safety's on, dipshit.

Section: Hey, old man. Was Raul Menendez here today?

Harper: Sergeant Woods! Raul Menendez is the leader of Cordis Die, and the most dangerous terrorist since Osama Bin Laden. Fucking waste of time, guy's a vegetable.

Section: Back off!

Woods: All he said was..."Mi hermana...". That's Spanish for sister, dipshit.

Section: You suffer with me...

Woods: You boys better get your shit together...he's gonna attack.

Harper: If you have information about a threat to national security, you gotta tell us.

Woods: Turn the camera on. Your old man, he was doing okay in Alaska. Fucking Hudson showed up...

David: Dad, I'm scared! I need help!

Mason: You're seven years old, David. Stop acting like a baby.

David: I hate you.

Mason: David...wait!

David: Go back to the army, like you did when Mom died.

North: Lieutenant Colonel North, NSC. You already know Jason Hudson.

Mason: What are you doing here?

North: Yesterday, Sergeant Woods led a covert team to take out an arms smuggling ring in Angola. This morning, we lost contact.

Mason: So go get him, CIA. Why are you here?

Hudson: Castro and the Russians are all over Angola, we can't go in. The CIA have buried the mission. Woods, and his squad, no longer exist.

North: We've got whatever you need, Mason. Name it.

Hudson: David can stay with Jenny, like before. She loves having him...he'll be fine.

David: Dad, you said you'd never go back to the army. You promised me.

Mason: It's Uncle Woods, son. He'd do it for me.

Woods: They found where I was being held prisoner with a spy of them KH-9's. This baby, it shits out a film canister 12 miles up. Then a C-130 comes by...pffft...snags it at about 30,000 feet. This was not the digital age. This film had to be processed, analyzed, and delivered...all by hand. Our dog in the fight was a guy named Jonas Savimbi. You think I'm fucking nuts? This guy...

Mason: No!! I need help over here! Hold on!

Savimbi: Mason!

Mason: Savimbi, you've gotta help! Break, damn it!

Savimbi: The fire finished him. Sometimes it's too late to save a man. We must move out, before we join him in death. The mortar fire means the MPLA is readying for attack. If they want a fight, we give them a fight! Move out!

Hudson: Mason, you copy?

Mason: Go ahead, Hudson.

Hudson: MPLA forces advancing on your position, about one klick north.

Mason: We know. Savimbi's leading a counter charge.

Hudson: He's got balls. I'll give him that.

Mason: What about Woods? Do we have confirmation on is location?

Hudson: They've been moving him from one location to another. We expect Savimbi's men to report back soon.

Savimbi: The mortars have stopped. Here they come! Here they come, my brothers! Fight my brothers! Mason! Target the mortar crews! They are behind the rocks!

Mason: The mortar crews are down! Damn it, Hudson. They got T-62 tanks in support. We need you to take the heat off. Take out the tanks, Hudson.

Hudson: Beginning strafing run. Damn it! I'm taking fire from the ground! Sooner or later, one of them is going to get lucky!

Mason: Nice work, Hudson. There's a couple of MG trucks targeting you!

Hudson; I can't make another pass 'til you take out those MG trucks!

Mason: I'll deal with them! MG trucks are down! You're clear, Hudson!

Hudson: Okay. Coming around again!

Mason: There's heavy armor still out there!

Hudson: Shit, Mason! Stray fire took out the chopper guns!I can't make another run!

Savimbi: Come, my friend! They are weak! We must finish them! Our journey to victory has begun! Death to the MPLA! My friend from above! You killed many men today, huh? Yes! We all did!

Hudson: Where's Woods?

Savimbi: The MPLA is not yet defeated. That's a very dangerous rescue, my friend.

Mason: Where is he?

Savimbi: He is being held captive by a Nicaraguan gun runner. A very dangerous man.

Mason: Where?

Savimbi: About two miles north. He's on a transport barge, on the Cubango river. He may already be dead.

Mason: Let's go, Hudson!

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