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Black Ops 2 Walkthrough Part 2 - Pyrrhic Victory

Check out part 3 of this walkthrough from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 by Treyarch and learn how to get through Pyrrhic Victory.


Woods: I was MIA in 'Nam. But your old man thought I was dead. After all that shit Kravchenko did to him, the numbers... Reznov being stuck in his head, he had no idea what was real. How the fuck could he? Kravchenko. When I sliced that bastard open, it saved everyone's ass. But he comes to first. Boom! Welcome to the Hanoi Hilton. Six months later, they ship me over to Da Nang and this fucking place made the HIlton look good. Lost 17 in my group. By '72, it was just me. I was not going to die in a fucking swamp!

Hudson: Incoming on the convoy now!

Mason: The barge matches Savimbi's intell. Woods should be inside! Bring us alongside, Hudson!

Hudson: Damit! Taking fire! Shit! We're going down! Jump, Mason! Clear the decks! Deck's clear. Shit! We've got gunboats right on our tail! They ain't going to let us go without a fight. They're coming along side! Keep fire on them! Don't let them get aboard. There are mounted MG's on each side of the barge! They're still coming! Blow those bastards out of the water!

Mason: That's the last of the gunboats.

Hudson: Okay, Mason. We're clear. Open up the container. Give me a hand with this, Mason. Oh my God!

Mason: Woods? You in there brother?

Hudson: Bodies are badly decomposed. These men have been dead for weeks.

Mason: Woods? Frank? Frank! It's me! It's me, Mason. What did they do to him, Hudson?

Hudson: Shit! We got Hind right on us!

Mason: Get Woods to cover!

Hudson: Come on, Woods. That arms crate is a gold mine. Grab the TGM! Take is down! Blow it out of the sky, Mason! Dammit! we've run aground! Woods is going under, Mason.

Mason: I'll get him!

Hudson: We've probably attracted the attention of every MPLA foot soldier in the area. We need to move!

Mason: Come on, Woods. I've got you. I've got you brother.

Hudson: Village ahead. The antenna means they've got a radio.

Mason: We can call Savimbi for emergency extraction.

Hudson: Hold! Take cove behind that log.

Mason: What the hell are Cuban's doing here?

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