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Black Ops 2 Walkthrough Part 3 - Pyrrhic Victory

Check out part 4 of this walkthrough from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 by Treyarch and learn how to get through Celerium.


[Spanish 00:00:02]

Hudson: They're just kids.

[Spanish 00:00:08]

Hudson: Let's move. Stay low. Keep your head down.

[Spanish 00:00:44]

Hudson: Don't move. Let them pass. Okay, on my lead, we run for the wooden hut. Now! Don't move. More patrols passing by. On my go, we head for the grass.

[Spanish 00:01:16]

Hudson: Stay close.

[Spanish 00:02:02]

Hudson: Hold position. They're right in front of us.

[Spanish 00:02:08]

Hudson: Okay, we're clear. Move out of the grass. You'll be okay, Frank. I'm going to radio for help. I'll take care of Woods. Watch yourself up there. Try not to draw any more attention.

Menendez: Do you need to be reminded of just how I deal with those who fail me?

Kravchenko: The Afghanistan rebels are unwilling to cooperate. Mullah Rahmaan is not easy to deal with.

Menendez: Mullah Rahmaan. Do not concern yourself with local politics.

[Foreign Language 00:03:24]

Mason: You're a dead man unless you do exactly as I say. Tune the radio to...

Menendez: You are going to kill me, si?

[Spanish 00:03:43]

Cuban Soldier: Shit!

Mason: No one move, or this fucker gets it!

[Spanish 00:03:46]

Mason: Shut up!

[Spanish 00:03:51]

Mason: I said shut up!! Lower your weapons! I swear to God, I'll kill this bastard!

[Spanish 00:03:58]

Mason: You son of a bitch! Hudson, we're moving! Head for the beach!

Hudson: Did you secure evac?

Mason: Negative! We're on our own. Head for the river!

Hudson: Damn them, Mason! Sounds like half the village is on our ass! What the fuck happened back there?

Mason: Can it, Hudson! Just keep moving!

Hudson: They're closing in on us! We gotta buy some time! Use the poacher's platform to snipe! Get up high! Provide cover fire!

Mason: We gotta get moving, Hudson! Throw smoke!

Hudson: Smoke out!

Mason: Grab Woods!

Hudson: I got him! Let's go!

[Spanish 00:05:31]

Hudson: We gotta make another stand!

Mason: Get Woods in cover!

[Spanish 00:05:42]

Hudson: Rig some animal traps!

Mason: They're still coming! Keep firing, Hudson! We gotta make a run for the river!

Hudson: Throwing smoke!

Mason: Go! Now!!

Hudson: Come on, Woods. We're getting out. I got you, brother.

Mason: Keep moving!

Hudson: Damn it! MG truck on the waterfall!

Mason: I'll deal with it! Get Woods in cover!

Hudson: There's too many of them. Incoming mortars!

[Spanish 00:07:15]

Hudson: There's a boat on the beach! Come on!

Mason: Come on, Frank. Come on, we're getting out!

Hudson: No... Fucking Russians. Damn it. No way out. What the..

Savimbi: You thought I would leave you, eh? Hurry! Come!

Hudson: Well, we got him Mason.

Woods: You can't kill me. You can't kill me...thanks to your old man. He put it all on the line for me...for honor, for friendship. Yeah, he's just like you, kid.

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