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Black Ops 2 Walkthrough Part 4 - Celerium

Check out part 5 of this walkthrough from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 by Treyarch and learn how to get through Celerium.


Woods: That's how it started. You're old man tries kill Menendez and Menendez want's payback even if it takes decades. Menendez, back then, was a big fish in a small pond. He made his cake from the drug cartel out of Nicaragua. It was a hand me down. the CIA smoked his old man. Old Cyclops is pretty pissed at America. While we're fucking around in the Middle-east, the Russians and the Chinese are getting real cozy. Now, th e politicians, they want you to think this is about ideology. That's a lot of horse shit. Give me your phone!

Mason: Go ahead.

Woods: Rare Earth elements. the whole fucking world runs on this shit. And who controls all of it? China. So while corporate America is kissing China's ass...

Robins: Now the mysterious "Cordis Die" social network has crowdsourced simultaneous protests in both Iran and North Korea. Never seen in public, who really is the leader of Cordis Die? He's know only as, Odysseus.

Woods: Odysseus, my ass! Roule Fucking Menendez! Asshole. I told ASOC, but they were too busy. You see, the drone race had started. I mean, really guys! You're going to build an entire military based on a mineral element that's wholly controlled by China? I nee a drink. Dipshit!

Oh, God.

Go get me a soda. Get it from the nurses stash, none of that diet crap.

Robins: China's Premier Chen, is out raged by Cordis Die latest memo alleging the cyber attack was covertly ordered by the White House.

Woods: And through all the dirty shit the governments gotten a way with, this time they're innocent and no one fucking believes them. They take our Cordis Die's network, two days later, the director of the FBI burns alive. Right now, a billion people believe that Raoul Menendez is they're savior. Shit! Guess what boys? He's not. You better take him out pretty quick. Bad shit's going to happen.

Harper: Well look at that! Menendez has got a whole private fucking army hidden out there!

Section: Cubans. Elite rank. State of the art tech.

Harper: How many followers does Cordis Die have right now? What, a billion people?

Section: Try two billion, who'll never believe their leaders a terrorist. They think Menendez as their savior.

Harper: They've got a hell of a disappointment coming. That's all I can say.

Section: Time to go see what Menendez has got hidden down there. You ready, Harper?

Harper: Keep momentum on your swing. Don't want to be left hanging. Surface is a little uneven. Jam hard with the nano gloves.

Section: So far, so good.

Harper: Ready? Okay, hotshot. Your turn.

Section: One more time. Let's go!

Harper: Shit! Fuck!

Section: Cut it!

Salazar: You okay?

Section: Yeah, we're okay thanks to you.

Harper: Wide open. Little more than a skeleton crew. A walk in the park.

Salazar: Nos seas idota. Don't underestimate Raul Menendez.

Crosby: His followers sure did. And what does Cordis Die mean exactly, anyway?

Harper: It's Latin. Heart Day or some shit like that.

Crosby: Sounds like something noble.

Section: That's what Menendez want's his followers to believe. Trust me, it isn't. Crosby, you're up!

Harper: Right, man! There! The gap in the mountain!

Crosby: Deploying chute!

Harper: Deploying chute!

Section: Deploying chute!

Harper: You good?

Section: I'm good. Salazar, Crosby, you got the left side?

Salazar: Covered! Ready on your go!

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