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Black Ops 2 Walkthrough Part 5 - Celerium

Check out part 6 of this walkthrough from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 by Treyarch and learn how to get through Celerium.


Harper: Kraken, this is Harper. Come in. Enemy is preparing to leave location. Advise.

Kraken: We need firm intel on their capabilities. You are cleared to engage.

Salazar: Section, you seeing this?

Section: Yeah. Be ready to move on my kill. An EMP grenade will fry their cloaking systems.

[Spanish 00:00:33]

Salazar: Enemies in the elevator!

[Spanish 00:01:19]

Harper: Dead ahead! Drone taking off!

Section: We don't want that bastard airborne!

Harper: Salazar! Take it out!

Salazar: On it! Drone's down!

Harper: Section! Hack the weapons systems on that grounded bird.

Section: Okay! Let's get moving.

Harper: Give these bastards a taste of their own medicine. Push forward! Don't let 'em breathe!

Salazar: Moving in!

Harper: Move in! Clear 'em out!

Salazar: They're falling back!

Crosby: Engaging!

Harper: Shit! Fucking turrets got the area locked down. Hell yeah! EMPs will fry 'em! Hit 'em with an EMP, Section! You fried his ass, Section! Nice going, man!

Section: Turret's down!

[Spanish 00:04:35]

Harper: There's got to be more to this facility underground.

Section: Kraken, this is Section. Surface installation is neutralized. Moving to investigate secondary structure.

Harper: Let's blow it. Stand back.

Section: Watch your step. Flood waters may have weakened the structure.

Harper: Holy shit. Look at this.

Section: What we saw up top was just a front.

Salazar: Walls are several meters thick. We'll lose comms inside.

Section: Update Briggs. Tell him we're moving in.

Harper: Kraken, this is Harper. Confirming sci-tech installation beneath the temple. Requesting immediate clean up and containment unit to our location. Be advised, we will lose comms as soon as we make our entry.

Briggs: Kraken confirms. Ground team moving for immediate insertion. Stand by for ETA.

Section: Salazar, get it open. Enemy's optic systems. We need to get our techs working on analysis.

Harper: Maybe you should suit up. They'll barely see you.

Section: All right. On me.

Harper: Son of a bitch! They got an ASD! It's front is too tough!

Section: Spread out! Clear the area!

[Spanish 00:07:36]

Section: Upstairs! Go! keep pushing!

Harper: They sure as hell don't want us in here.

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