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Black Ops 2 Walkthrough Part 6 - Celerium

Check out part 7 of this walkthrough from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 by Treyarch and learn how to get through Old Wounds.


Harper: Son of a bitch! Another ASD!

Salazar: Target the nitrogen tanks!

Harper: Smart thinking, Salazar! That shit blows up real good!

Harper: Moving left! They got more auto turrets!

Section: Push through 'em! Okay. We're clear.

Harper: This is 3D fabrication tech. Weapons components, armor. Menendez is arming himself for war.

Section: Woods told us how much wealth Menendez built over the years. He's been investing it in weapons tech.

Harper: Somebody's here. Let's see what we've got hidden in here.

Erik: Please! Don't hurt me!

Harper: Okay. Come on out! This lab is linked to a known terrorist. You start talking, or I will hurt you.

Erik: My name is Erik Breighner. I'm a magnetometrist.

Harper: Yeah? And what is Menendez's interests in you, buddy?

Erik: They brought me here to process the celerium. It's a new rare earth elemnet that will render all existing microchip technologies obsolete. They're coming! Get me out of here alive! I'll give you everything!

Harper: -fuck down. Get down!

Section: Grab some of these shields! Set 'em down as cover!

Harper: These fuckers mean business!

Salazar: We're clear.

Harper: Now where's the celerium?

Erik: This way. The lock mechanism requires two operators. On your go. Follow me. Quantum entanglement. This single device has more processing power than your entire military infrastructure. Rumors around the lab were that Menendez plans to use it as a basis for a massive cyber attack. I heard talk of something called Karma. It may be the name for the cyberweapon. If Menendez uses a celerium worm to initiate an attack, there will be nothing anyone can do to stop it. I couldn't stop it.

Section: Harper, get a sitrep on the support team!

Harper: Behind us! We got incoming! Kraken! Harper requesting confirmation on extraction team's ETA!

Section: Defensive positions!

Harper: Kraken, come in! Dammit. No response!

Section: We'll fight our way out, with or without support. This ain't over yet!

Briggs: Section, your team can stand down.

Section: It's Briggs. Stand down! It's the extraction team! Boy, are you a sight for sore eyes.

Briggs: I guess we can call this mission accomplished.

Section: Admiral Briggs. Good to see you.

Briggs: You too, Section.

Section: Whatever Menendez is planning, celerium is the key to it.

Briggs: Well, we finally got one over on this cocksucker.

Harper: He's just a man, Admiral. He'd like you to think he's something more, but he ain't nothing but a sad, old, pitiful excuse of a man.

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