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Black Ops 2 Walkthrough Part 7 - Old Wounds

Check out part 8 of this walkthrough from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 by Treyarch and learn how to get through Old Wounds.


Section: I can't figure out Menendez withough getting inside his fucking head. Salazar, you grew up in Nicaragua during his rise to power. You know his legends better than anyone. Tell me, why does he hate us so much?

Salazar: As a boy, he witnessed the contras rape and murder his people. In 1972, there was a colossal earthquake. His family lost everything. A year later, the only thing he ever loved, his sister, Josefina, was crippled in a fire. Raul and his father started over, sold drugs for easy money. They became rich, powerful legends of Managua. The Menendez cartel was all but untouchable. So the CIA took out Raul's father in a U.S. sanctioned assassination.

Section: Right, so now Menendez fucking hated America and started running guns In Afghanistan for his own private army. CIA got wind of it, and went on the hunt for him in Kabul. That was the photo Woods show us in the vault, remember?

Woods: See that handsome bastard? That's me. The ugly one's your father. After 'Nam, the numbers and all that, he was one dangerous son of a bitch. It's showtime, Mason.

Mason: What'd you see, Woods?

Woods: Sand, sand, and more fucking sand. Hudson's contact's on his way.

Mason: You reckon we can trust the Chinese?

Woods: We can here. They've been supporting the Mujahideen same as us. They know if Russia was in Afghanistan, they'll be looking at China next.

Mason: No one likes the Russians, huh?

Woods: You know me. I don't like anyone. You might want to get your head down. Take it easy, Zhao! We delivered the weapons. Now what about your end of the deal?

Zhao: I will take you to the leader of the Mujahideen. He can help you find Raul Menendez. We have fresh horses. You will follow.

Woods: No shit. Let's do it.

Hudson: Mason, it's Hudson. Did you make contact with Zhao?

Mason: We're on our way to the Mujahideen camp now.

Hudson: I'm sure I don't need to remind you that our presence here must remain 100% deniable. There will be serious consequences if Russia learns of our involvement in Afghanistan.

Woods: The only way they'll find out is if they take us down. You know that ain't going to happen.

Zhao: We must hurry. We believe the Soviets are about to launch an attack on the camp.

Woods: Mason, kick it up a gear.

Mason: Hya! Hya!

Zhao: This way.

Hudson: If a Russian attack is indeed imminent, you're going to need all the help you can get. I've arranged for a couple specialists to act in an advisory capacity. Here they are now. Rahmaan, this is Woods, and Mason. My two best men.

Rahmaan: We need weapons, not soldiers.

Woods: This should be good. Just so we're clear, we hold of the Russian attack, you give us what you have on Menendez.

Rahmaan: Our base is here.

Mason: Any advance will come through one of the narrow passes leading into the valley.

Rahmaan: I know this. Our men defend these mountains.

Hudson: Our weapons will give them an edge.

Woods: That's a bullshit plan. You're talking about the Russian army here. They come at you with brute force, which means strength in numbers, which means strength in numbers and heavy armoury. Are your men ready for that?

Mason: They have no experience with the weaponry we brought.

Woods: And we do. We belong on the front line.

Rahmaan: The Russian assault has begun.

Zhao: You have faith in your plans, American?

Mason: I got more than faith, Zhao.

Woods: Let's rock it.

Zhao: We must hurrt! We cannot allow them to enter the valley.

Woods: Saddle up, Mason.

Mason: This may be tougher than we thought! We've got HIPs dropping infantry right in front of the camp.

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