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Black Ops 2 Walkthrough Part 8 - Old Wounds

Check out part 9 of this walkthrough from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 by Treyarch and learn how to get through Old Wounds.


Woods: Leave them in the Mujahideen. Just get to that choke point and hold back their armor.

Mason: Too fucking close! Follow me.

[foreign language 00:00:55]

Woods: We got a BTR pushing through the ruins. Gonna need more than a rifle, Mason! Grab an RPG from the weapons cache.

Zhao: We cannot let it enter the valley! Another BTR is headed this way!

Mason: BTR is history!

Woods: Fucking A! Nice one, Mason!

Zhao: The Mujahideen can handle infantry.

Woods: Mason, put a cratering charge under the archway. Let's make damn sure no more vehicles make it through here.

Mason: Charge set!

Woods: Retreat to a safe distance. Blow it, Mason!

Mason: Hudson, the west choke point is secure. Armor ain't getting through this way.

Hudson: Woods, Mason, they're throwing everything they have at us. We've got threats all over the valley. Muj are reporting Russian tanks moving in from the north.

Zhao: Brute force and strength in numbers? You expected such a fight.

Woods: Doesn't mean I wanted it! Tank's down!

Mason: Hudson, tanks are down.

Hudson: We're seeing enemy helos approaching from the east. Take them down any way you can.

Woods: Leave it to us, Hudson! It's coming down!

Mason: The gunships are neutralized.

Hudson: We have more Russian helos inbound from the north. Make sure they don't push through to the base.

Mason: Hudson, the groundships are grounded.

Hudson: The Russians have overrun the Muj ammo cache to the east. Do whatever is necessary to recapture it. Rullah Rahmaan is concerned. He thinks we're losing the fight.

Woods: You tell Rahmaan from me, I don't give a shit about his concerns. We'll kick fucking ass, same as always. Just tell him he better come through with his intel on Menendez.

Zhao: The ammo cache is left of the valley. The path is impassable by horse. Dismount. We will proceed on foot.

Mason: Hudson, the ammo cache is ours.

Zhao: You fight bravely, American.

Mason: Infantry fast roping in.

Hudson: Mason, return to base. We have a problem.

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