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Black Ops 2 Walkthrough Part 9 - Old Wounds

Check out part 10 of this walkthrough from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 by Treyarch and learn how to get through FOB Spectre.


Woods: Don't let their feet touch the ground!

Mason: What kind of problem?

Hudson: You'd better see for yourself.

Harper: Your old man was one tough son of a bitch.

Woods: Bet your ass he was. Kravchenko basically carved a hole in his head, and he shoved all those fucking numbers in there, and he survived that. Now, Mason said he didn't see those numbers anymore, but, I don't know. Not so sure about that. Mason.

Mason: This isn't over yet. The Russians wanna give us one last display of brute force. Let's give them one last display of courage. You with me?

Woods: Mason! Come on, brother!

Mason: Bring us alongside the tank!

Woods: Here! Catch!

Reznov: Kravchenko, must die.

Woods: What the fuck! It's fucking Kravchenko! Piece of shit. Of course he's involved in all this!

Reznov: Kravchenko, must die.

Woods: Couple times. I saw the tick. He'd get that look in his eyes, then he started scanning the room. Next thing you know, he's talking to the Russian. Fucking Reznov. Good old Tricky Vik!

Hudson: Woods, maybe I should handle this interrogation.

Woods: Maybe you stay the fuck out of my way. I've got unfinished business with this bastard.

Kravchenko: I left you to rot in Vietnam, Sergeant Woods. You should be dead.

Woods: Nobody told me. Buddy Rahman tells me you're doing business with a Nicaraguan named Raul Menendez. What do you do for him?

Kravchenko: Fuck you.

Woods: You believe in an eye for an eye, huh? This is the Mujahideen, baby. They'll bury you up to your neck, peel your eyelids back and leave you to fry in the desert. I'll take you out quick. Tell me about Menendez.

Kravchenko: I sell him weapons.

Woods: That doesn't sound too Soviet of you, brother.

Kravchenko: The Soviet Union is dying. Money is all that matters.

Woods: Where do the weapons go?

Kravchenko: Cuba, Angola. The third world.

Woods: Why?

Kravchenko: Menendez wants to see your world burn.

Woods: Well, that's not gonna happen.

Kravchenko: He's more powerful than you know. He even has people in the CIA.

Hudson: Bullshit. This guy's fucking with us.

Mujahideen 1: Hands up!

Mujahideen 2: Don't move!

Woods: The fuck are you doing?

Rahman: Menendez told me you must suffer.

Woods: You two faced piece of shit! We helped you fight the Russians! We're on your side!

Rahman: No. No, you are, and always will be, our true enemy. Without water and shelter, you may last a day. If you are strong.

Woods: So we're in the desert, buried up to here, and who does your father think rides up on a horse to save us?

Section: Tricky Vik.

Woods: Ha! See! You're just like your old man. No, it wasn't him.

Mason: Reznov.

Woods: Come on, if you think it was him, don't you think he would have stuck around for a bit, huh? Maybe explain some shit?

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